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Message from the Coordinator


The Engineering Management Option (EMO) offers engineering students having an interest in the business aspects of engineering a bridge to relevant courses in the School of Business. It does this while still providing the strong base in engineering fundamentals that TCNJ is famous for. There will be personalized meetings with faculty experienced with engineering management to help EMO majors chart their education and future plans. A special focus of the TCNJ EMO is engineering entrepreneurship, which prepares students for initiating and running their own engineering businesses.

All EMO seniors will do engineering management related a two semester design project that will provide the hands-on practical experience that has earned TCNJ graduates the reputation of being work-ready. EMO seniors have managed the engineering teams competing in regional or national design competitions as the IEEE’s Micromouse, SAE’s Baja car and solar boat contests, as well as leading TCNJ entrepreneurial efforts as TCNJ’s Advanced Hearing Aid Design Group.

TCNJ’s engineering programs offer a caring learning environment, enhanced by high quality faculty, staff, facilities, and equipment; individualized attention from highly qualified professors, no teaching assistants and small class sizes. The environment includes exceptional instruction; frequent opportunities for relevant laboratory experience; practice of communication and teamwork skills; the challenge of undertaking realistic engineering projects.

We prepare our students for the future by providing the most up-to-date curricula and teaching methods. The EMO also provides a base for graduate study in Engineering and/or Management.

Orlando Hernandez, Ph.D.